What Are The Best Essential Oils For Menopause? | How To Use Essential Oils For Hot Flashes And Dealing With Menopause?

essential oils for menopause

Menopause reflects the decline of fertility in women. It marks the end of their monthly menstruation. Menopause is defined as the situation when a woman has not received her menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. As simple as it sounds, the process is not that easy and convenient. While you are going through your menopause … Read more

8 Essential Oils For Depression – Evidence Based

Essential oils are concentrated plant oils and depression is a group of conditions including mood disorder, and is a common mental disorder. Do essential oils for depression really work? Essential oils may help relieve mild to moderate depression. Essential oils can help major depression or anxiety and lower certain symptoms of depression. Depression is a … Read more

13 Top Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

Essential oils – What Are they? Everyone loves aroma, whether it is of a rose or of a ginger. Essential oils are aromatic oils obtained from different pant parts. These parts include the flowers, petals, blossoms, buds, fresh leaves, dried leaves, branches, barks, stem and roots. The oil is extracted mainly through steam distillation which … Read more

15 Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil – Uses and Recipes

The essential oil of turmeric has several therapeutic benefits. Its use has been widespread in traditional medicine. Although it is extensively used in skincare and hair care, it has properties that are useful for holistic wellbeing as well. What Is Turmeric Essential Oil? The warm, woody and spicy fragrance of turmeric essential oil has several … Read more

Best Essential Oil For Bursitis As Per Experts

Pain in the joints and creaking of the bones could be misconstrued as arthritis, but it might be because of an uncomfortable condition. This condition or disorder is called bursitis, which can make regular activities too hard to do. Now, before we dive into the essential oils for bursitis, we should know more about the … Read more

25 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety – Definitive Guide (2022)

Overview If you’re looking for a holistic approach to anxiety, essential oils could hold the key. Essential Oils For Anxiety Characteristics such as genetics, stress, and environmental factors are believed to contribute to anxiety. The main treatments for anxiety disorders are psychotherapy, medication, or both. Aromatherapy is often used as a supplementary remedy for anxiety through … Read more

Best essential oils for itchy skin, how to use essential oils to relieve itchy skin, and DIY recipes

Essential Oils for itchy skin

Overview Ever experienced that relentless itch that keeps you tossing and turning at night, turns your cheeks red at the slightest provocation, and becomes the focal point of all your idle thoughts? Trust me, it’s not love, its itchy skin. The sensation of itchy skin can be incredibly frustrating. The perpetual cycle of itching leading … Read more

15 Best Essential Oils To Heal Skin Naturally

 How long can you cover your skin blemishes and scars? There is a limit to what full sleeves and scarves can do. Treating any type of skin conditions is more imperative for long term gains in skincare. Using cosmetic products everyday skincare is not a feasible or healthy choice. So, is there a natural product … Read more

Is Aromatherapy Oil Good For Your Healthy Heart?

Overview Do essential oils really help with heart failure? Here are the unglossed facts about essential oils as a natural heart health remedy. We’ve got the full scoop on the real effectiveness of essential oils and how they can be used to supplement your heart health. How Essentials Oils Help Heart Health There are quite … Read more