How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores? | Best Essential Oils for Cold Sores

Tea tree oil for cold sores

Cold sores, those pesky manifestations of the simplex virus, can be both physically uncomfortable and emotionally distressing. There are many over-the-counter products available in the market but people these days are relying on natural remedies. Essential oils are one such natural remedy that one can use to treat cold sores. One of the most effective essential oils … Read more

PanAway Essential Oil : Benefits, Uses And Precautions

benefits of panaway essential oil

A blend of 4 different essential oils, PanAway Essential Oil is a well-known pain-relieving essential oil blend. The oil has widespread use in pain management. Let us find out more about PanAway essential oil. What Is PanAway Essential Oil? PanAway essential oil is blend or combination or mix of four different essential oils. These four … Read more

21+ Best Essential Oils For Breathing Better And Healthy Lungs

essential oils for breathing better

“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit.” The quote by Goraksasathakam might have a spiritual connotation, but the restorative power of each deep … Read more

Best Essential Oil For Bursitis As Per Experts

Pain in the joints and creaking of the bones could be misconstrued as arthritis, but it might be because of an uncomfortable condition. This condition or disorder is called bursitis, which can make regular activities too hard to do. Now, before we dive into the essential oils for bursitis, we should know more about the … Read more

Best Oil Massage For Face – Essential Oils And Carrier Oils

Myth buster – Let’s start this article by busting two common myths – oil massage on the face cause acne breakouts; and oil massage on the face is only for those with dry skin type. No they are not. Oil massage must be inculcated into regular skincare regimen alongside exfoliation and facials. The best oil … Read more

Using Tea Tree Oil For Lice Treatment (With Witch Hazel Recipe)

Your children are back from school and started doing their assignments. You are happy with their dedication. You see them scratching their head and wonder what they are thinking so hard about. You go near them and ask what’s bothering them and their answer shocks you. They are scratching their head because something is biting … Read more