Which Is The Best Oil For Hair Blackening? | Best Hair Oil For White Hair To Black

There is no way to reverse the natural process of greying hair, which is caused by both ageing and exposure to the elements. This occurs as a result of the hair’s gradual loss of colour, which causes it to become white or grey over time. Even while white hair often doesn’t appear until later in life, it’s not uncommon to see a few grey hairs here and there when you’re in your early or late 20s.

In addition, a person’s biology plays a significant part in determining whether or not their hair will turn grey. Another common problem is that of feeling stressed out. There are a number of disorders, nutritional deficiencies, and even smoking that have been linked to premature greying of the hair.

Graying is a natural process that cannot be stopped or reversed, although it may be managed and controlled to some extent.

The process of darkening one’s hair may be aided by using a variety of essential oils and oil mixtures.

In this piece, we are going to provide a list of the several oils that have been shown to promote the darkening of hair. Continue reading to find out more!

Essential Oils For All Hair Types That Help With Blackening

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil helps to prevent premature greying of the hair by preserving the pigment already present in the strands of hair (1). Castor oil, when applied to the scalp three times a week, will prevent greying and encourage the deepening of hair.

2. Amla oil

Amla has components that have the potential to deepen the colour of grey or white hair. In addition this oil helps to prevent dandruff and stimulates the development of new hair (2). Applying this oil straight to your scalp will not only help heal dandruff and dry scalp but will also strengthen the roots of your hair.

3. Almond Oil

Due to its high vitamin content, it not only prevents the greying of hair prematurely but also nourishes the roots and hair follicles themselves (3). The use of almond oil may help hair get darker. This oil is often applied to the surface of the hair in order to improve texture and add shine. You may get excellent outcomes by putting this into practise on a daily basis and continuing to do so throughout the night.

4. Black Seed Oil

The use of black seed oil may assist in making hair stronger. In addition to this, it assists in restoring the natural colour of the hair as well as its young appearance. It would make an outstanding mixture if vegetable oil were to be added to it. It is believed that this oil would stimulate blood circulation inside the scalp, which will ultimately result in less hair loss.

Black Seed Oil is also popularly used as a carrier oil for hair due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It helps strengthen hair strands, promote hair growth, and add a natural shine. Incorporating Black Seed Oil into your hair care routine can lead to healthier and more vibrant locks.

5. Olive Oil

Your natural hair colour may be restored by giving your scalp a regular massage with olive oil. This will help the colour go deeper into the hair shaft.

Olive oil helps promote general development and health of the hair, which is an extra benefit of using it. It adds shine and helps maintain dry hair at the same time. Mix with lemon juice or honey, then apply to hair and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it.

6. Mustard Oil

This oil is particularly formulated with iron and magnesium, in addition to the full complement of vitamins necessary to prevent the greying of hair at an earlier age. It is often thought that mustard oil may stop the greying process in its tracks.

7. Rosemary Oil

This oil will prevent further hair loss by fortifying the hair follicles, which in turn will stimulate new hair development (4). In addition to this, continued usage of this oil will cause grey hair to get darker if it is used for a period of time that is sufficiently long. Before you apply it to your skin, make sure that you first mix it with a carrier oil such as vegetable oil.

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8. Argan Oil

In addition to preventing premature greying of the hair and promoting new hair development, it is a good source of antioxidants. Blend it in with your regular shampoo or conditioner, then let it sit on your head for one to two hours before washing it off. Additionally, the texture of the hair is preserved by using argan oil.

9. Sage Oil

It is possible to get desirable effects by combining sage oil with other carrier oils in appropriate proportions. Add two to three drops of this oil to the carrier oil for every tablespoon of carrier oil. This oil has the potential to make grey or white hair seem more like its natural colour. (5)

In addition, clary sage oil is considered one of the best essential oils for dandruff treatment. thanks to its natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regulating properties that can help treat scalp irritation and flakiness.

10. Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil has a high concentration of antioxidants, which implies that regular use of the oil may typically delay the onset of grey hair. If you combine this concoction with vegetable oil, you will have no problems at all. Additionally, grapeseed oil to the hair gives shine and assists in the development of new hair (6). Grapeseed oil may be found in many hair care products.

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What Are the Specific Factors that Lead to Premature Greying of The Hair?

1. Genes

Whether or if you have white hairs on your head when you first see them is often decided by your genetic makeup. If you find that you have white hair at a young age, it is possible that your parents or grandparents also began to grey or whiten their hair at a young age.

2. Stress

Additionally, stress may have a negative impact on the health of your hair. A research found that mice with high levels of stress had a smaller number of stem cells in their hair follicles than those with lower levels of stress.

Therefore, if you have noticed an increase in the number of white strands in your hair, you have to take into consideration the possibility that stress is to blame for it.

3. Smoking

Because smoking constricts blood vessels, it will reduce the amount of blood that goes to hair follicles, which may ultimately result in hair loss. The poisons in cigarettes may cause harm to several parts of your body, including your hair follicles, which can result in premature greying of the hair. This can be avoided by not smoking.

4. Thyroid Disorder

Near the base of the neck is also where you’ll find the butterfly-shaped secreter that’s responsible for producing up the thyroid. It makes a contribution to the control of a wide variety of bodily processes, including the metabolism, among others. In addition to the state of an individual’s thyroid, a number of other factors may have an effect on the colour of their hair.

If you have an associate, active, or inactive thyroid, there is a chance that your body’s pigment production may diminish. This is because the thyroid controls the generation of pigment.

5. Autoimmune Illness

An allergic response situation is another potential contributor to the appearance of premature greying of the hair.

When something like this takes place, the immune system of the body starts to attack its own cells.

Some types of alopecia and vitiligo are skin disorders in which the immune system destroys hair follicles, which ultimately results in a loss of hair colour.

Modifications To One’s Way Of Life That May Stop The Greying Of Hair

It’s possible that making certain changes to one’s lifestyle might be an effective therapy for greying hair. If you are worried about the development of grey hair, you can consider making some changes to your lifestyle that will enable you to keep your natural hair colour for a longer length of time.

This will help you delay the onset of grey hair. The following are some instances that illustrate this point:

1. Get Enough Vitamins

It is very necessary to have a diet that is usually nutritious in order to obtain the desired results of having healthy, beautiful hair that is free of greys.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that grey hair might be the result of a deficiency in certain nutrients. In circumstances such as these, taking a dietary supplement can prove to be very advantageous. It is possible that shortages in a variety of nutrients, such as some of the B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, and zinc, are to blame for certain cases of premature greying of the hair.

Important Note

The following vitamins are very necessary for keeping your hair in good health:

D, E, and A, along with the B vitamins, such as B-12 and biotin, are all essential.

2. Get The Recommended Daily Allowance Of Minerals

It is the same for the growth of hair, and in fact, there are a number of minerals that are absolutely essential for the development of hair in the correct manner. Iron, zinc, and iodine are three examples of these essential elements. When taken in conjunction with one another, these minerals provide the nutritional framework for hair that, in addition to being dark, looks to be fuller, thicker, and more lustrous.


It has been demonstrated that some minerals, in addition to others, play a significant part in the growth and regeneration of hair. These minerals are as follows:


3. Stop Smoking

It is possible that smoking will cause harm to the hair follicles as well as a decrease in the size of the follicles themselves. Both Mosley and Gibbs found a strong correlation between smoking and the development of grey hair. They had 606 patients over the age of 30 and found that 152 of each gender were smokers. They found that there was a substantial link between grey hair and smoking across all age categories and in both sexes, with an overall odds ratio of 4.4 (7).

Take precautions to prevent your hair from being damaged by the sun. Wearing a scarf or hat and using the appropriate serums will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


According to the findings of a research that was carried out, the UVA group had significantly higher instances of grey hair than the other groups (P 0.05). There was a statistically significant reduction (P 0.05) in both the diameter of the hair shaft and the depth of the hair root in the UV groups. (8) 


Once the underlying reason is treated, the premature greying of hair could be able to be easily reversed. Because they improve the overall quality and state of your hair, the hair oils that are discussed in this piece will not only help you tackle the problem of grey hair, but they will also make it easier for your hair to get darker.

These oils may promote healthier hair development and blood circulation, which in turn helps to strengthen the roots of the hair.

However, you should see a doctor if you have any reason to believe that the premature greying of your hair is the result of an extra significant underlying health problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which essential oil is best for stop white hair?

Grapeseed essential oil has a high concentration of antioxidants.It helps preserve the pigments present in the strands of hair, thereby stopping or delaying the onset of white hair.

Does coconut oil make your hair black?

Coconut oil may help darken grey hair to a certain degree but may not work as efficiently as other oils such as argan oil or castor oil. It can, however, improve the overall look of your hair.

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