Best Candles For Meditation And Its Benefits

Meditation is not just a perfunctory task, it is an art. Nowadays, everyone is trying to perform meditation effectively and they have a plethora of resources online on how to do meditation and the different techniques. And people do take time out from their busy schedules to do meditation; however, focus is one thing that … Read more

Cocoa Butter Vs Coconut Oil for Skin – Benefits and Recipes

Coconut oil needs no introduction, but those new to skincare would not have heard of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is also a popular skincare ingredient that makes the skin attractive. Coconut oil vs cocoa butter is not a new comparison. People have wondered which one is better for skin health. Here we will look at … Read more

Essential Oils for Anger, Aggression and Irritability

Anger is a powerful emotion and one that everyone is familiar with and has experienced at some point in their lives, whether it took the form of a momentary irritation or a full-blown fight. Anger is an entirely natural and, in most cases, a healthy emotion that may be experienced by humans. But if it … Read more

17 Best Essential Oils for Scars, How to Use, DIY Recipes & Precautions

Essential Oils for Scars

Essential oils come from different plant extracts and have medicinal and healing properties. (1) Essential oils can be used for treating various skin-related issues as well as health issues like pain, anxiety, etc. Essential oils have certain properties that help reduce the appearance of scars. (2) It has properties that regenerate and rejuvenate skin to heal damaged skin and improve … Read more

Best essential oils for itchy skin, how to use essential oils to relieve itchy skin, and DIY recipes

Essential Oils for itchy skin

Overview Ever experienced that relentless itch that keeps you tossing and turning at night, turns your cheeks red at the slightest provocation, and becomes the focal point of all your idle thoughts? Trust me, it’s not love, its itchy skin. The sensation of itchy skin can be incredibly frustrating. The perpetual cycle of itching leading … Read more

15 Best Essential Oils For Diarrhea Treatment

Diarrhea is the frequent and uncontrollable watery bowel movements. Diarrhea has a detoxifying effect on the body; but, this is a feeling that one get the next day after recovering. But, the discomfort, agony, inconveniences, and oftentimes embarrassment felt on that day is inexcusable. People suffering from diarrhea often hope for a speedy recovery. There … Read more