13 Top Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure

Essential oils – What Are they? Everyone loves aroma, whether it is of a rose or of a ginger. Essential oils are aromatic oils obtained from different pant parts. These parts include the flowers, petals, blossoms, buds, fresh leaves, dried leaves, branches, barks, stem and roots. The oil is extracted mainly through steam distillation which … Read more

15 Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil – Uses and Recipes

The essential oil of turmeric has several therapeutic benefits. Its use has been widespread in traditional medicine. Although it is extensively used in skincare and hair care, it has properties that are useful for holistic wellbeing as well. What Is Turmeric Essential Oil? The warm, woody and spicy fragrance of turmeric essential oil has several … Read more

Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores | How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores?

Tea tree oil is indigenous to Australia and its botanical name is “Melaleuca Alternifolia”. Tea tree oil is thus called melaleuca oil sometimes. Tea tree oil comes through the steam distillation process. Quick Buy – Tea Tree Oil For Cold Sores Properties Uses Anti-Inflammatory Ease pain and inflammation Anti-microbial Kill bacteria & germs Anti-bacterial Restricts … Read more

18 Best Carrier Oils For Hair Growth And Thickness, Healthy Hair, Natural Hair Care, And Reduced Hair Loss

Everyone desires to have thick, healthy hair, but one of the biggest challenges to this is hair loss. Some people suffer extreme hair loss due to many different reasons, like pollution, changes in weather, extreme climatic conditions, aging, etc. To fulfill this desire, one of the great solutions is using oils. But which oil to … Read more

25 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety – Definitive Guide (2022)

Overview If you’re looking for a holistic approach to anxiety, essential oils could hold the key. Essential Oils For Anxiety Characteristics such as genetics, stress, and environmental factors are believed to contribute to anxiety. The main treatments for anxiety disorders are psychotherapy, medication, or both. Aromatherapy is often used as a supplementary remedy for anxiety through … Read more

Scents That Repel Ants | Using Essential Oils To Repel Ants

Essential Oils for Ants

Ants are the most common unwanted guests in everyone’s house, especially during summer. They are so tiny that they can also get into the house through the narrowest opening. And getting rid of these ants’ army is very difficult sometimes. Though there are certain scents that are normal for human beings, they can repel ants. … Read more