17 Best Essential Oils for Scars, How to Use, DIY Recipes & Precautions

Essential Oils for Scars

Essential oils come from different plant extracts and have medicinal and healing properties. (1) Essential oils can be used for treating various skin-related issues as well as health issues like pain, anxiety, etc. Essential oils have certain properties that help reduce the appearance of scars. (2) It has properties that regenerate and rejuvenate skin to heal damaged skin and improve … Read more

15 Best Essential Oils for Itchy Skin, How to Use and Precautions

Essential Oils for itchy skin

Essential oils are products derived from plants with the help of the distillation process. They are natural attracts of stems, roots, seeds, bark, flowers, and other parts of plants (1). Essential oils are concentrated and also have an aromatic scent that soothes instantly. Essential oils have been used since time immemorial for different reasons. Essential oils … Read more

12 Essential Oils for Bee Stings | Remedies For Bee Stings

Essential Oils for Bee Stings

When a honeybee stings, it releases certain poisonous toxins on the contacted area of the skin, which causes a very sharp burning and painful sensation. Redness can also be seen on the affected area, followed by slight swelling and itching (1).  Unless the situation is very severe, bee stings can be treated at home by using … Read more