The Only Guide to Diluting Essential Oils You Need To Read

Guide to diluting essential oils

Essential oils have long been celebrated for their potent aromas and therapeutic properties. And no, essential oils are not a fad brought upon us by some social media influencer. Botanical oils, derived from plants, capture the essence and fragrance of the plants and plant parts through a suitable extraction process. Understanding their extraction, concentration, benefits, … Read more

Want To Know The Best Way To Use Frankincense Oil On Face?

frankincense oil for face

In your journey towards a radiant and nourished skin, you will definitely stumble upon an ancient secret – frankincense essential oil. This precious oil with Biblical connections, derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree, has been cherished for centuries for its myriad skincare benefits. From its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines … Read more

Fear Not With Our 22+ Essential Oils for Fear

essential oils for fear

Imagine finding yourself deep in the heart of a jungle, the rustle of breaking twigs and the calls of fearsome creatures surrounding you. Suddenly, you come face to face with a mighty lion, the king Himself, its golden mane glistening in the sunlight (or is it night time). Fear grips you; a cold shiver runs … Read more

Essential Oils for Snoring – Our List of 14 Oils

men snoring while sleeping

Here’s a quiz. What’s “snnnn…zzzz…snnnn…zzzz”? What’s “r-r-r-r-r”? It’s the sound a snore makes (at least phonetically). Do you snore? If yes, then you probably don’t know how you sound. But, does your better half snore? Then you definitely know the sound. And what’s “grrrr”? It’s the sound you make when your partner’s snoring disrupts your … Read more

Is Tea Tree Oil For Cats? How Cats React To The Potent Tea Tree Essential Oil

tea tree essential oil for cats

Cats share a unique bond with humans, forming deep and affectionate connections over time. Their companionship goes back centuries, becoming cherished members of countless households worldwide. Caring for these feline companions involves several facets to ensure their well-being and contentment. Providing a balanced diet, regular vet check-ups, and a safe, stimulating environment are vital. Grooming … Read more