Native American Nutritionals Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

At Native American Nutritionals, our goal is to provide you with accurate and reliable information about essential oils and wellness products. We strive to be your trusted source for holistic health and wellness, offering practical and relevant content.

We cover a wide range of health topics, allowing you to choose the information that is most relevant to your personal health. However, it’s important to note that the original editorial information we provide is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any medical concerns, it’s always best to consult with your physician or qualified health provider.

Our content is carefully created based on specific criteria:

  1. Relevance: We address issues that can impact your health and the well-being of your family. This includes covering breaking health news, product launches, recalls, and alerts, health advisories, and expert commentary on managing diseases and conditions using essential oils and natural products.
  2. Clinical Significance: We share the latest findings published in reputable peer-reviewed medical journals such as The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and others.
  3. Trends: We cover seasonal interests like “Winter Wellness,” “Allergy Seasons,” and “Cold and Flu,” as well as public health awareness campaigns like “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and “Healthy Heart Month.” Additionally, we explore emerging health trends related to nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, healthy living, alternative approaches, and more.

Our news and feature stories are carefully selected by our editors, focusing on the most important and relevant health events of the day. These stories often include interviews with the medical researchers behind the studies and experts who provide context and interpretation.

Maintaining editorial integrity is crucial to us. We clearly distinguish between news, features, references, and other editorial information so that you can easily identify independent editorial content from advertising.

Our editorial team operates independently, adhering to principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity, and responsible reporting. We have full control over our editorial content and ensure its quality and credibility.

We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards, upholding excellence in reporting original news and reviewing and corroborating information from various sources.

We are dedicated to health equity, striving to create content that is inclusive and beneficial for all individuals, helping to bridge gaps in healthcare access.

Native American Nutritionals is a reputable provider of health information services, catering to consumers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Our editorial content is free from influence by advertisers and other external sources. Any potential conflict of interest with sponsors or vendors is fully disclosed by members of our editorial staff.

We maintain a clear separation between our editorial staff and the team responsible for creating advertising content for our advertisers. No individual serves on both staffs, and our editorial employees are not tasked with performing duties on behalf of advertisers.

Editorial Policy for Native American Nutritional Editorial Staff

The Native American Nutritionals Editorial staff is responsible for providing objective, accurate, and balanced accounts of events and issues. Our reporters diligently seek out relevant subjects and qualified experts for commentary, ensuring a well-rounded perspective.

Our content and news selection are overseen by our team of physicians and medical journalists. It incorporates the latest information from reliable sources, including peer-reviewed medical journals, announcements from federal health agencies, and analysis of current health trends. Our experienced health reporters engage in daily conversations with prominent medical leaders, offering in-depth analyses, updates, and profiles that provide unique insights. Every original article undergoes review by our team of full-time, board-certified physician editors.

In some cases, third parties may provide funding for the creation of original editorial content. However, they have no control over the content, which is produced following our rigorous Original Content Process. During the funding period, these third parties may be attributed as “Supported by [third party’s name]” on our editorial content. It’s important to note that
this attribution does not imply any change in the editorial nature of the content.

Each completed story goes through a thorough review process before publication. It is first reviewed by a physician editor to ensure accuracy, appropriate medical language, and proper characterization of the findings. Next, an editorial editor reviews the story for style, flow, punctuation, and readability. Finally, the story undergoes publishing to the site.

Empowering Partnerships for Enhanced Learning

At Native American Nutritionals, we collaborate with government and non-profit organizations or associations whose primary mission is to educate the public on health topics or issues. We follow a specific framework of criteria to review and select these organizations, working together to create or select content within specific topic areas. The content is created by Native American Nutritionals, reviewed and edited by the third party, and then further reviewed and approved by our editorial staff.


As outlined in our Advertising Policy, Native American Nutritionals accepts advertising from various advertisers on our platform. This may include third-party banners, contextual advertising, and content created or provided by the advertisers. Some advertisements, known as “native advertisements,” appear alongside editorial content. These ads are clearly labeled as “Sponsor Content,” “From Our Sponsor,” “By (our Sponsor),” “Provided by (our Sponsor),” or “From (our Sponsor).” Regardless of the format, the advertisers are responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of their advertising, and it is subject to our Advertising Policy. Please note that advertising is not reviewed by the Native American Nutritionals Editorial Staff and is not governed by this Editorial Policy.

In case of a medical emergency, it is important to call 9-1-1 immediately. For information about Native American Nutritionals’ Corrections Policy, please visit our website.

We are dedicated to providing you with trustworthy, reliable, and accurate information to support your holistic health and wellness journey. Our experienced team of physicians, medical journalists, and editors upholds the highest standards of journalistic excellence, ensuring that our content is of the utmost quality.