Don’t Forget These Memory Essential Oils

essential oils for memory

Imagine yourself as the person in this make-believe story. In the tense atmosphere of the exam hall, time flying as if someone has pressed the fast-forward button, a student finds himself (herself) in a familiar, yet dreaded situation: the mind blanking out, the answers slipping away like sand through fingers. Panic sets in and he … Read more

The Only Guide to Diluting Essential Oils You Need To Read

Guide to diluting essential oils

Essential oils have long been celebrated for their potent aromas and therapeutic properties. And no, essential oils are not a fad brought upon us by some social media influencer. Botanical oils, derived from plants, capture the essence and fragrance of the plants and plant parts through a suitable extraction process. Understanding their extraction, concentration, benefits, … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Clary Sage Oil To Induce Labour

clary sage oil for labor

Essential oils have many uses and benefits, ranging from aromatherapy to skincare. However, their potential to induce labor is a lesser-known aspect. With so many essential oils at your disposal, can all of them be used to induce labor? Among the plethora of essential oils, one in particular has gained attention for its purported ability … Read more

Fear Not With Our 22+ Essential Oils for Fear

essential oils for fear

Imagine finding yourself deep in the heart of a jungle, the rustle of breaking twigs and the calls of fearsome creatures surrounding you. Suddenly, you come face to face with a mighty lion, the king Himself, its golden mane glistening in the sunlight (or is it night time). Fear grips you; a cold shiver runs … Read more

Essential Oils For High Blood Pressure – Based On Medical Properties

A person checking their blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer while holding an apple.

Let’s start with a disclaimer and quell the huge misconception regarding blood pressure and the use of essential oils. So, before we embark on exploring the world of essential oils and their potential impact on high blood pressure, it’s crucial to set the stage with a friendly reminder. Essential oils, while renowned for their aromatic … Read more

Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps – You Only Need These 5

women suffering from menstrual pain

Ah, the monthly visitor—menstrual cramps. They’re like an uninvited guest that overstays its welcome. But fear not, there’s a natural, aromatic ally that might just make those cramps a bit more bearable: essential oils. These concentrated plant extracts aren’t just for making your room smell like a spa; they pack a punch when it comes … Read more

Best Oils For Dermaplaning – DIY Blend For You To Try

women udergoing dermaplaning treatment

The Significance of Natural Oils in Dermaplaning The face, a canvas of an individual, holds its unique stories outlined by its lines, expressions, and textures. Caring for this complex look is not merely a routine, but an act of reverence, embracing the essence of self-care and nurturing our skin’s innate vitality. In a world overloaded … Read more